Sunday, February 5, 2012

So... we went sledding on an active volcano...

Totally serious... We went sledding on the most active volcano in Europe.
Which just so happens to be the volcano that created the island of Sicily... ya know, the volcano I'm always complaining about spewing ash & volcanic lava rocks all over my patio?? 
Mt. Etna, duh.

Anywhoo... it was on the news a couple of weeks ago...
eruptin' all over the place...
Told ya!

But before our adventure up the mountain er, volcano...
It was sunny and nice down at our house :)

Aaron was actually planning on going surfing if we couldn't go sledding!

We took Nick and Jess along for the ride!
Our friend, Mario, got us a Mitsubishi 4x4 for the trip
so that we didn't get stuck like last time in our little car! hehe

Snowy hillside on the way up!

Jess lookin' bored..
we got a little lost on the way up the mountain.. oops!

This is about the time we put it in 4-wheel drive!

This thing was serious... look at all those gadgets... ha!

After a few hours, we finally made it to the top!!
We rented sleds and hit the slopes...


Seriously... I've never seen so much snow.

Aaron looked pretty intense.
He was ready for some action!

:) Love that man.

Haha.. that would be me (up to my knees in fresh powder)
and Nick & Jess... attempting to sled.
And by attempting to sled, I mean failing miserably.

There we are again... freezing.
And up to our knees in snow.
Walking up the hill...
And we only made it down once before giving up...
But it was totally worth it :)

Nick after his run down the mountain...
I'm sure it was intense.

Taking a breather.

That's me.
Yeah, I felt like that hike took FOREVERRRR...

Worth it.

Underneath the face cover, that's a huuuuge smile.
I'm such a kid. ha!

And obvi, so is my husband...
Sliding down the hill face first!
Gotta love him :)

What can I say?
Soulmates <3

And then... we headed to the "bar" for some chiocolata calda
(aka hot chocolate.)

Oh and for you cool peeps back home,
this is the proper way to use an Italian toilet...

PROOF that I was on a volcano...
That is LAVA covered in snow :)

And that sexy beast is me our ride!
(But I am in the front seat! baha!)
Oh and that would be Mario creepin' to the right.. hehe

And that, Lady Friends, would be how to have a super fun Saturday in Sicily...
Go sledding on a volcano, duh.

Ciao Bellas!


  1. Am I the only one who finds it odd that there's SNOW on a VOLCANO...?

    I've always been super scared of volcanoes. Ya know, cause there's so many in Oklahoma. I mean, it's a valid fear. lol

    Looks like y'all had a blast!!

  2. Ok, that is just INSANE! I am loving all of the snow - on a volcano, no less! Who would have thought???

  3. It cracked me up that if sledding wasn't possible the other option was surfing. Talking about two totally different ends of the spectrum! You folks might just be braver than me. Not sure if I could sled on an "active" volcano. That must have been a little scary. Looks like a blast though, glad you all enjoyed your day :)

  4. that looks like so much fun...when i saw you went sledding on a volcano i was thinking you were going down on a big hill of ash...haha shows how much i know! that is A LOT of snow!

  5. Ive never seen that much snow in person!!! You guys look like you had a blast, I bet it was freezing though!!

  6. Wow!! I can't believe you go to go sledding in a volcano! I appreciate your little news clip too, thanks! I wish we could do that on a Saturday night! You guys are so cute. Is the internet working well for you again?? :D

  7. How awesome!!! And how crazy that it was sooo snowy on the top and beautiful and warm at the bottom, just nuts!

  8. OH MY WORD.
    I haven't really seen snow this year :(
    And I am a HUGE fan of sledding.
    Looks like you had SO MUCH FUN!

  9. Wow there is soooo much snow! Wish it looked like that here in California, what I waste of money I spent on a new snowboard this season. It has only snowed twice this winter :( Sledding is so much fun, totally worth the walk up the big ass hills lol!