Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Link Up... It's OK!

Its Ok Thursdays

Linking up with Amber and Neely for It's OK Thursday!

This week, It's ok...

That I have been doing a happy dance since I hit 100 followers!! WOOOO!

That I did the happy dance AGAIN today when I EXCEEDED 100 followers!! Go bloggy go! :D

To feel bad for my 101 followers because even though I hit & exceeded 100, there's no fancy smancy give-away... oops! Sorry, guys! Shipping would be an arm & a leg from Italy and I don't even have a car to get to a post office... maybe at the next milestone? :( 

That I totally drank several a couple of glasses of wine in bed last night... and then slept it off for 11 straight hours.... can you say wine coma?? 

That I have friends that I've never met, never seen, and never even heard their voice... yet I keep in touch with them more often, relate to them more easily, and sometimes even feel like I know them better than my real life friends.... that's totally ok and not creepy at all, right? Bahaha.. Love my bloggy soulmate (Moo) & bloggy best friend (Alana)! :D

To be super excited about a pair of glasses.... they're in the mail and on the way to me as we speak! Be expecting a post about them soon!! yay!

To think Twitter>Facebook. In your face Facebook.

That I've been on a Pinterest hiatus... yep, not so much pinning going on here lately. But I do plan on looking around for some funny stuff in a bit... so maybe I'll find something to pique my interest again.

That my husband has been attentively reading my blog for the past two days... and is probably reading this... (Hi Babe!) No shame in my game! Hahaha :) 

Andddddd that's all folks.
Link up with Amber and Neely so they can reach their goal of 110 linker-uppers (not a word? whatev..) Also... come back tomorrow... I may or may not have something fun planned! :D

Ciao Bellas!


  1. hahaha. AW. I feel the exact same way.. I LOVE IT!
    :) :) :)

    I'm waiting on one of my real life friends to be like, Who is this Ashley person you tweet all the time?!?

    It happens. I'm waiting on it. HAHA

    I've also been on a pinterest hiatus.. I did just pin that quote I sent you though! (I'm thinking we should do a post about what quotes we've sent each other.. maybe after a week or so of sending them?? hahaha it would be funny.)

    My boo also reads my bloggy.. but every once in awhile.. he does think it's funny when ppl comment about him though.. He tries to act like he isn't interested.. and then says.. "has anyone said anything about me?"

    hahaha AWWW.

    BTW hi Aaron. I'm the weirdo your wifey probably keeps referring to! :)

  2. I just followed you on Twitter. How I managed to go this long without doing it is beyond me. I suck. The end.


  3. We love your blog! New followers and new bloggers! Love your thinking!

  4. It's definitely okay that you did the happy dance when you hit 100 because I did one for you too! ha ha. I'll get there soon...16 away!

    It's totally okay that you went into a wine long as I can make fun of you for it! hahahaha

    It's completely okay that you feel that way about Moo and me BECAUSE I'm pretty sure we feel the same way! BTW, we just started following each other...which means, it's inevitable that pretty soon we will be the 3 best (blogger) friends that anyone could have! bahahahahaha