Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ok y'all... I totally lied...

I thought I started documenting all the fun stuffs started on Saturday when we went shopping... but boyohboy was I wrong! We (the Hubster and myself) actually started the fun stuffs on Friday when he got off work early to take me into Aci Trezza for some adventures and yummy treats.

Aci Trezza is the leeeeettle fishing town that we live in... so why not explore a bit?

Oh and funny side-story: We accidentally partook in our first ever Sicilian funeral. OOPS!
We were walking into town and saw a big group of older, well dressed (all in black... should've been a clue) Sicilians walking slowly down the middle of the road. First thought was, hmm... wonder if there's a festival or a parade... I hate clowns! But as we got closer we realized they were being extremely quiet and all dressed in BLACK (and giving us some pretty NASTY looks...). Oh and then (BINGO!) we spotted the HEARSE that was leading them down the road... this was the funeral procession and we were HAPPILY following along in our colorful clothing, while chatting away and giggling.... FML.
We quickly turned off on a side street, not caring how long our detour was going to take.

But, that's how we found this... 
Aaron in the small streets... with a boat :)

The street literally led RIGHT to the harbor where the boats were docked for winter.

Pretty... but now eerily a reminder of the Costa Cruise ship disaster... :\

Downtown Aci Trezza... our adorable fishing town.
I love love love it.
Oh and notice the lack of coat/jacket/sweater... WARM weather!!

Eating in the beautiful Eden Bar cafe... 

Cappuccini and Dulce :) YUMMY!

Frgola tarts and mini Ricotta Canoli

Cappuccino, my favorite!

And of course, we demolished it.... hahaha

And then we returned home to make an amazing healthy home cooked meal.
Promise there is some chicken under all those veggies ;)

It was a fun little afternoon adventure, a wonderful start to the weekend, and a GREAT reminder of just how lucky I am to live here (and have such an amazing husband...) I am truly blessed to have this experience and to be living in such a great little town! We find the best things when we aren't even looking... :) 

Come back tomorrow for more of the weekend FUN! :)



  1. GIRL that food looks SO DELICIOUS. I want some. ;) You are such a cutie!!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. AH! Love all these pictures!
    That coffee looks fantabulous.. and I must say.. someone is being a very talented bloggy photographer! ;) ;)

    No really, Very cool. Love the pics. And I am kind of jealous of you all getting to just roam around super cool Italy!!

    Also. Can't believe the funeral thing. But hey, y'all didn't know!

  3. Looks like a great start to your weekend for sure! That canoli and cappuccino look yummyyyyy :)

  4. Okay, that might have been the funniest story I've heard in a long time! I imagine it wasn't funny at the time though LOL. Good thing for that little oopsie, at least you discovered an amazing new place!

  5. Ok I have to admit I was kinda laughing through the "festival" / funeral part of your post. You pour girl I would have felt bad to but hey you didn't know. Sounds like your having quite the journey in your small quient town.

  6. You are too cute! How horrible to follow the funeral procession and not know it, yikes! Great story! Your last statement is so true, you really do find the best things when you aren't looking.


  7. I'll take the ricotta canoli and the dolce latte thingy. YUM. Thanks for sharing a bit!! :) Are you ready for London yet?!! SOOO excited for you. I know how excited when this housewife gets out on the town haha~!

  8. I want a real Italian cappuccino!! Send me one?? ;)

  9. Funeral Crashers! bahahahahaha
    That food looks AH-MAZING!

  10. Oh!! What a sweet little town! And those pastries look amazing!

  11. I'm soooooo jealous!!! I wanna go there!

    Don't forget to check out my Mary and Dyer giveaway!

  12. LOL!! That is so funny about the whole funeral thing...maybe not so funny for the family but still funny! Dinner looks DELICOUS! yumm I love veggies.

  13. I love all of your pictures!!!!! It makes me want to visit Italy so badly (with what funds, I don't know, but I want to!). Touring around your town looks amazing and that food looks delish too!

    Hope you have a great day pretty girl! XOXO

  14. I can't believe you crashes a funeral! That's so funny, and totally something I would do :-)

  15. Can I live there yet?! Please please pretty please?!