Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Ok Thursdayyyy :)

Its Ok Thursdays
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This week I'm tellin' myself
It's Ok...

... to get extremely excited about new followers... Yay for hitting & breaking the 75 followers mark!

... that I have been treating this "Christmas Break" like a legit break (sleeping late, doing nothing, eating tons of food, etc) even though my life is basically a vacay right now (with the exception of online classes)... oops! Even trophy housewives deserve some downtime though, right?

... that I spent over $100 on the Victoria's Secret website last night... on SWIMSUITS. Need I remind you it's DECEMBER? lol What can I say, they're having a HUGE sale and I had a 20% off & free shipping code...
(p.s. all info is on the VS website but the 20% off swimsuit code is only valid through TODAY!)

... to be super excited about said swimsuits and sad that they wont be here until Jan. 30th... as if I need them before then? lols

... to enjoy creeping on others' FaceBook timelines but not be sure if I'm ready to take the plunge and change to timeline myself!

... that I let "smalltown gossip" get to me... even though I'm 4,000 miles away from the source. But seriously, I'm not pregnant and I AM happy in Sicily... so shut your mouth you stupidfacebiotch

... to not be loving Aaron's new "extreme bodybuilding diet" (which I am of course not taking part in but still suffering from..) I don't enjoy eating PLAIN chicken and broccoli every night :( I also do not enjoy not cooking my southern recipes & baking cupcakes! Sad sad day...

... to love reading day-old horoscopes to see if they came true... lols

That's all I have for ya today, Lovies!

Ciao Bellas!


  1. Cheers to "downtime" for us housewives!! ;)

  2. Yay for 75 followers!! It's so much fun to get more followers :)

    Breaks like that are very much needed for anyone :)

    Gossip will always be there no matter what. All you can do it just trust that the people who care about you the most know the truth! The people who are saying those things are probably just jealous that you're living a fabulous life and they're not ;)

    I read my horoscopes the day after, too! Haha..have a great day!

  3. OMG sorry for 4,000 miles away rumors!! Why won't they just enjoy their time off..... and i wish i knew about the VS swimsuit sale earlier thanks to the holiday i'm broke....

  4. New followers are always so exciting! Gossip is best defeated by completely ignoring it :)

  5. YAY! You have another new follower in me! :) There's a couple of bathing suits I want from VS but I refuse to buy them now (I don't care how much on sale they are) cause I wanna lose weight first HAHA :)

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  7. I'm justifying all of my food, lack of exercise, and sleeping choices by saying I'm on break haha!

  8. I can totally relate on the Facebook timeline thing haha. I've been contemplating it but I just can't get myself to make the change yet. Glad I'm not alone :)

  9. Victoria's Secret has the BEST swimsuits.

    I have never done the day old horoscope thing to see if it came true.. might have to try it now!
    However, (random story) The day Snookums proposed to me, I just randomly decided to read him his horoscope that morning and it said "You have a big decision weighing on your mind, and you need to tell someone something important" I looked at him and asked him if he had something to ask/tell me. He said NO. And then about 10 hours later he asked me to marry him. HAHA LIAR!

    Also. Sounds like "stupidfacebiotch" has entirely too much time on her hands... I think everyone assumes that "your pregnant" when you get married quickly. I can almost 100% guarantee you that all of Snookums stupid ex's friends had that to say about us as well. HAHA biotches.
    I also think it's fairly common for ppl to think that you got married quickly because of the military. That one also puts a little hitch in my giddy up!!